National Elementary Honors Society (NEHS) and National Junior Honors Society (NJHS)

These students inducted on September 26, 2018 have achieved high academic honors: their overall GPA last year was 3.5 or above. They have proven to be responsible by being honest, reliable, cooperative and courteous. They have shown respect for others and concern proven by their involvement in service to others.


Sports at St. Elizabeth are possible because of the involvement of our students' parents in their children's school life. Dedicated parents or family members coach students after school hours so that they may participate in the following sports: 3-4 Grade Co-ed Basketball,   5-6 Grade Boys' and Girls' basketball, 7-8 Grade Boys' and Girls' basketball,  5-6 and 7-8 Grade Girls' Volleyball.

A Sports Physical Form signed by a physician must be on file in the school office for every student who wants to participate in any sport. Forms are available in the school office. They must be turned in before the first practice.

Valley Parochial League Rules 2014

VPL Gym Addresses


At St. Elizabeth, we believe that students learn better when given the opportunity for first-hand experiences. Our students go on field trips to learn about the world outside of the classroom. Every field trip is carefully planned and it is clearly tied to the curriculum. 
Fieldtrips allow children to explore, to spur their curiosity and feed their sense of wonder.

Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration of Catholic education. It starts the last Sunday in January and runs all week. During this week, students are engaged in activities that highlight how St. Elizabeth as a Catholic school is a community of faith, knowledge and service.