Mission Statement (updated January 2018)

 At St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School, the staff, parents and community work together to offer students a safe, supportive, and nurturing Catholic environment. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are committed to Gospel values, discipleship and academic excellence.



Recognizing that parents are the first and primary educators of their children, St. Elizabeth Area Catholic School assists them in their role by providing an excellent education rooted in Gospel values. We work with parents and the parish community to develop students who know the values, beliefs, traditions and practices of the Catholic Church. This includes a knowledge and appreciation of the Scriptures, Liturgy, prayer and the necessity of involvement in the evangelizing mission of the Church through service in the parish and the wider community.

            We instill in students the desire to live a life in Christ, making moral decisions according to Christian values. We inculcate respect for and appreciation of each individual person, regardless of cultural, ethnic, or economic status. We strive to maintain a joyous environment that promotes love, understanding, acceptance and respect for oneself and others.

Through the guidance and example of the faculty, administration, parents and community, the emphasis of the school’s program is on quality education of the whole child, centered on Catholic values for the development of life-long learners who will be able to live productively in a constantly changing world.

Updated August 2014


What our Emblem Means

The colors of our emblem state that we find strength in justice, truth and loyalty and that we persevere. 
Blue: Strength, Justice, Truth and Loyalty Gold: Perseverance and Wisdom Eagle: Courage, Salvation, Redemption and Resurrection. Bible: Word of God is the beginning and end at St. Elizabeth. Host and Chalice: Body and Blood of Christ – centered in the Eucharist. 
Cross: Christ centered

We are located at:

12835 E. Washington Rd.      Reese, MI 48757     (989) 868-4108