2 Weeks - 30 Months

Children develop social emotional competence through interacting with others. Our attentive and responsive teaching staff work together to involve children in developmentally appropriate activities that will allow them to regulate their emotions and develop social skills. Challenging behavior is dealt with using positive behavior strategies. The teaching staff individualize routine care, e.g. learning to feed oneself and potty training.

30 Months - School-aged

Children have plenty of opportunities to develop social skills such as; entering a group, developing friendships and learning to help others, just to mention a few. During the day, children are give opportunities and materials to learn key content and principles of science. Teaching staff use their knowledge of individual children and child development to modify the schedule, strategies and materials to enhance children’s learning.


Little Bloomers provides working parents with a safe environment for the care of their children. Our latchkey program opens at 6:30 AM and closes at 6:00 PM. Children have breakfast before going to school. After school children have a nutritious snack, do their homework and are then engaged in a variety of fun activities.